2017 MedDRA Training Webinars

20 December 2016

Register for upcoming MSSO training webinars scheduled in January, February, and March next year. 

Click on the link(s) below to register.

First Quarter 2017 Webinars

        11 January 2017:  MedDRA Coding Basics

        18 January 2017:  Getting Started with MedDRA

        24 January 2017:  Advanced MedDRA Coding

        8 February 2017:  Standardised MedDRA Queries (SMQs)

        22 February 2017:  Data Analysis and Query Building with MedDRA

        28 February 2017:  What’s New with MedDRA Version 20.0

        1 March 2017:  What’s New with MedDRA Version 20.0

        22 March 2017:  MedDRA Overview  

Face-to-Face Sessions

Updates to the face-to-face sessions have also been posted.

Registration for both the webinars and the face-to-face sessions is easy on the Training Schedule page on the MedDRA website.