New MedDRA Self-Service Application (SSA) Available Now

4 April 2017

The MSSO is pleased to announce that a new application, the MedDRA Self-Service Application, is now available. This application provides 24/7 support to frequently asked Help Desk questions and has the following features:

  • Retrieve your organization’s MedDRA ID
  • Retrieve your organization’s MedDRA Password
  • Retrieve MedDRA Unzip Password
  • Check the MedDRA subscription status of business partners
  • Retrieve your organization’s Primary Point of Contact
  • Generate certificate for training classes attended 

To access the Self-Service Application, simply click this embedded link.

The MSSO has developed a videocast that focuses on how to use this new application. The videocast is available for download or for direct viewing under the Tools section on the Training Materials page with the title “Self-Service Application Features.”
The MSSO is interested in your feedback so please contact the MSSO Help Desk with any questions or comments.